Lettings Renewals, West Hampstead

You work in lettings and are the life and soul of your office with lots of positive AllAgents or Google reviews.

You are always the person smiling, genuinely value good customer service and will happily go the extra mile for colleagues and clients.

Renewals has traditionally been a bit of a box-ticking exercise, making sure the tenant renews, and the landlord is happy. But at what cost? Has the tenant renewed for the sake of it? Are they actually happy? Is the landlord getting the best out of their property? This company are changing that and putting customer service above everything.

If you’ve got a lettings background, be it Property Manager, Lettings Administrator, Tenancy Progressor or the likes, then you could be on your way to this Renewals Consultant being the right role for you.

If you’re the above, then you know the lettings legalities, the backend processes, what triggers happens where, which dotted line is signed where. You can do that at most estate agents, but here, you are going to want to go the extra mile. Here you are going to want to achieve the best outcome, and for that it’s really understanding the tenant, what they’d actually like, and don’t like. What you can do to improve their living situation, to improve the chances of them renewing and coming off the phone singing your praises. Same goes with the landlord.

If you want to be a Renewals Consultant which is more than just box-ticking, to feel part of the team and be a part of one of the best lettings agencies in UK, you’re going to have to bring something special to the table.

The Company

An all-star team based in NW London, they are bucking the trend in estate agency. With an aim to always deliver a positive result, they are here to give you the autonomy to do what you need to do. Away from building a well-oiled proactive team, they are always open to new ideas, improving, changing for the better, charitable work and offering career progression or career change. They want to deliver the best environment and opportunities for you to thrive in your career.

In a nutshell

  • Work with the tenants and landlords for THE BEST outcome

  • Work closely with the accounts, admin, property management and overall lettings team

  • Have decent knowledge of lettings legalities

  • Have the communication and customer service to achieve point 1

  • Be confident and coachable to push new ideas forward, and yourself

Package and hours

Monday to Friday

09:00 - 18:00

Up to £40,000 (depending on experience)