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6 items to cover in your job ad

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If you’re running your own job ads, here are some things to consider that job seekers look for based on a survey carried out by Reed.

💰 Salary & Benefits.

Quick rant: Cut out the "competitive salary" BS. You're doing anything but attracting candidates. Please. To them it screams “we will pay you as little as we can get away with”. Plus, when candidates are moving, they want a feeling of financial progression too. You can look at it as moving tax, or a golden handshake in a way.  

Convenience. Working hours and commuting time.

With the change in work/life balance due to Covid, this has made people appreciate their free time a lot more. Especially for roles that are paying £20,000 and less. Candidates don’t want to be spending a lot of their money on travelling. For them, they’re looking for proximity to work.

People value their time, as do you. They want to know if they’re working X hours per week, is it worth their time?

📆 Day-to-day responsibilities. 17% placed this as their top priority.

Also list your nice to haves and essentials. This will help save you and the candidate’s time. If there is any specific software, duties like working with P/L’s, state it. Obviously roles all have a generic requirements like a Sales Manager managing a team, or a Property Manager working with Landlords, Tenants and Contractors.

📝 Learning and Development. We all know that quote by Richard Branson...

Especially the younger workforce, they’re looking for industry recognised qualifications. Two thirds of the work force in 2020 spent time upskilling. It’s a win-win, you get better qualified staff, and they get better job satisfaction.

📈 Career progression.

Genuine career progression that is. State in the job ad if this role has come about by a promotion, or other cases of promotions within the company. Candidates want to progress, and if their ceiling is capped, there’s a chance they will look elsewhere when the time comes unless you can create something for them

📯 Reputation & Culture.

Ensuring values are aligned; and if candidates are moving, they want a feeling of moving on up. Everyone wants to work at a place where they’re proud to tell their friends and family, that looks good on a CV, and that they’re proud to work at.

Source: Reed

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