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Reference letter request

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At some point or another you’re bound to receive a reference letter request from an ex-employee’s potential new employer. Depending on your company’s procedure, it might just be a formal letter confirming they use to work at your company between a certain time period. However, if the ex-employee was impressive, it’s always nice to add something personal and positive. If there is nothing nice to say, you can always decline or stick to formal confirmation of employment history.

If you can write a positive reference letter, do it:

  1. Refresh your memory on the employee
  2. Write down qualities of the person and how they excelled
  3. Think about specific experiences you have had with them

Use our reference letter template to shape your letter of recommendation. This can be found below.

You may only have half an hour to spend writing this, but if you have good things to say, it is worth writing this letter.

How to use a reference letter format:

Use a few sentences to give context to examples. Use the template as a guide but write it in your voice and say what you think. Be honest, don’t embellish what you’re saying to make them look too good. Target if you can, try and add information about their new role into the letter. For example, if you know the role requires a certain skill the person has.

Here is our reference letter template:

Dear [name],

I am writing to recommend [employee name]. [employee name] worked with us here at [company name] as a [employee job title] and worked with me in my position as [your job title].

As an employee, [employee name] was always [list qualities]. During [his/her/their] time in the team, [he/she/they] managed to [qualities].

I have always loved seeing [quality] within my team and [employee name] never failed to deliver. An example was when [example].

[Employee name] is a delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire [him/her/them] again. 

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reach me on [phone number].

Kind regards

[Your name and signature]

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