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CV tips to stand out from the crowd (2 bonuses)

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Top tips for a brilliant CV

A very brutal fact that is unfortunately true: A Hiring Manager on average takes 8 seconds to review your CV. You’ve got to make that snapshot of their gaze count. We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Contact details – have you’re name, location (town and postcode is fine), and contact details at the top.

2. Reverse chronological order – need we say more.

3. Keep it succinct – a CV should be no longer than 2 pages. Keep it punchy and to the point.

4. Tailor it – take the time to customise your CV to the role you’re applying for. Research the company and look at the job ad, work out exactly what skills are required of you and point them out in your CV. You will stand out from the crowd.  

5. Don’t leave gaps – a lot of people leave obvious gaps in their CV’s, and this automatically will make an employer suspicious; they won’t bother to investigate you further and you will be straight on the ‘no’ pile. If you’ve been out of work, make sure you address it in your CV, put a positive spin on it. Were you having children? Were you volunteering somewhere? Did you go travelling?

6. Keep it current – Every time something significant occurs in your career, add it in! Whether it be a change in role, promotion, qualification. If it’s something that you’re proud of, and will help make you stand out, get it in there. It show your personality.

7. Spelling and grammar – communication and attention to detail are soft skills nearly every role requires. If the spelling and grammar on your CV is sloppy, what does that show about your work? If you can’t get it right when it matters mosts – securing a new role – what does it say going forward?

8. Tell the truth – don’t skewwhiff your stats as you’ll be found out. During the interview process, the Hiring Manager is going to know what figures are achievable, and ones that have been blown up. Whilst everyone lies, don’t make it such a lie that if you’re caught out, you look likes a spanner.

9. Formatting – formatting your CV to look pleasing on the eye counts. If you’re going for a role where presentation counts, show creative flair. Try and avoid tables however as job boards hate them. When Recruiters and Hiring Managers view them, your layout goes out the window… like your chances of receiving a call. Use bold text, bullet points, and paragraphs to break up roles, achievements, bio, education and more. If it’s a chuck of text, you’ll lose the reader’s attention.

10. Make it keyword friendly – if you have uploaded your CV to a job site, key words are the most important part. When Hiring Managers or Recruiters search for roles, they start with the most common job titles and skills first. For example, a “Sales Negotiator” is a very common job title, but some Estate Agents use “Client Manager”, which is further down the list on the search.

Bonus tips

  1. Fill out your profile on Job Boards as accurately as possible such as “Current job title”, “Desired job title”, “Salary”, Sector etc. This will help with keyword search.
  2. If you use Total Jobs, don’t apply for loads and loads of jobs. We can see if you’ve applied for over 25 jobs in the past month, and that’s a red flag.
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