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The Attention You Deserve

As specialist recruiters in property, estate agency and the sales sector, we understand the role that you are currently doing and the one you would like next.

Whether that be as a trainee, a managing director and everything in between. 

In the early conversations we will have with you, the aim is the find out as much as we can about YOU. What you want to earn, location, benefits, working arrangements, aspirations and goals.

From there we will present to you the roles that suit you best, and we will help you apply for them. We will never send your CV to a company without your permission. 

CV & Interview Assistance

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

We’ll help you acquire everything you need to find the perfect job.

We offer CV advice, including helping to identify key successes and achievements, interview preparation and likely questions, role play and advice on conducting company research.

Finally we will help to guide you on personal presentation, including dress code, body language and etiquette in order to give you the best chance at securing your next role.

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