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Jake Holt

Operations and Recruiter - wildlife lover, sports fan, bookworm
01865 411521

About me

I joined Broomham Recruitment back in January 2020 after crossing paths with Nicola in 2019 back in my estate agency days. 

What attracted me to Broomham Recruitment was it incorporated certain passions of mine which was property, a start-up, and wanting to do things better. Another being animals which just scrapes in with Bella the office dog, and Harry my own dog. 

Outside of work you'll find me engrossed in a book, walking Harry whilst listening to a podcast, working out or chilling to a good ol' nature documentary. On a side note, if someone has the elixir of life, please give it to Sir David Attenborough.

Favourite Book(s): The Chimp Paradox, and Atomic Habits - both lay solid foundations

Favourite Podcast: Discounting the Broomham Podcast because that's bias, it would have to be The High Performance Podcast. 

Favourite Country: Italy - can't beat the history or food. 

Three non-negotiable behaviours: Being punctual, honest, and giving it your best