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Ep43 - Alice Thompson on her discrimination case and what the industry needs to do to change.

27th October 2021 - 30mins

Alice Thompson joins me to talk about why she took her employer to court and won on her discrimination claim. She explains that she wants to make the industry a better place for generations in the future by fighting her case and how she thinks businesses will need to adapt and evolve by offering flexibility if they want to survive.

Alice shares her thoughts on making change happen.

Ep42 - Megan Eighteen on using TikTok and social media to build your brand and business.

20th October 2021 - 30mins

Megan joins me to talk about how she has embraced TickTock to communicate in a new way with her lettings audience in Reading. Megan now receives over 30,000 views for some of her videos and she shares her tips on how agents can embrace social media to build their personal brand and help clients.

Ep41 - Mark Stern on how to provide the best service and collaborating to give better service in Estate Agency.

13th October 2021 - 30mins

Mark joins me to talk about how he is genuinely passionate about providing superb customer service in Estate Agency. We discuss how much better it would be for clients if everyone worked together rather than against each other.

Ep40 - Sarah-Jane Taylor on admitting needing help and top tips for new managers.

6th October 2021 - 30mins

SJ from Preston Baker joins me to talk about how it can often be easy to ignore what our bodies are telling us and feel invincible especially when we 'think' we can't any time off work.

She and I discuss how good managers know when to put the pressure on and when to pull back. She also gives me her top tips for new managers.

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