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Ep33 - James fielding on running an estate agency with Asperger's

17th August 2021 - 30mins

James is the owner of an estate agent's in Daventry and he also happens to have Aspergers.

James explains some of the traits of someone with the syndrome and talks very openly about how it has both benefitted and hindered his life both personally and professionally.

A light-hearted chat about a very serious subject.

Ep32 - Stephen Brown on grief, talking about it, and is work the be all and end all

10th August 2021 - 38mins

Stephen joins me on this very difficult listen, to talk about losing his Grandfather, Father, and wife and the loss and grief he felt.

He and I discuss the resilience needed to cope, the power of talking to others about how you feel, and reaching out to others for help and support.

We talk about living your best life and making the most of every day.

Ep31 - Alex Pelosi-Buchanan on overcoming fears and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

3rd August 2021 - 40mins

Alex joins me to talk about overcoming his fears of video and putting himself 'out there'. He has been making himself uncomfortable since the start of lockdown and pushing himself to do something every day that scares him.

Alex talks about his top tips for overcoming fear and how we can use others to push ourselves and be better at what we do.

Ep30 - Raj Lal on what's the difference between a banker and a broker, and why Raj loves his job

27th July 2021 - 24mins

Rajan Lal joins me to talk about why he left working at the bank to pursue a role as a broker in an estate agency, we talk about the difference in the roles, the career progression, the current mortgage market and why he loves his job

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