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Ep29 - Neil Whitfield on Estate Agents are boring as hell!!

20th July 2021 - 31mins

Neil Witfield joins me on the podcast to talk about why he thinks estate agents are boring and what they need to do to spice up their marketing and property details.

Neil and I talk about focussing on the smallest audience and working the hell out of it to to make sure you are the expert.

Ep28 - Christopher Watkin on interviewing estate agents and being a ghost writer

13th July 2021 - 40mins

I turn the tables on Chris and interview him for a change about what he has learned from interviewing over the years, how we feels about Women in Agency and uncover more about the man behind the dramatic intro music. Broomham vs Watkin.

Ep27 - Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell on a healthy workplace and a healthy mind

6th July 2021 - 31mins

Charlotte and I talk about the pressure of estate agency and the work place on your mental health. How we need to take better care of our selves especially with the pressures of social media and keeping up with the Jones's.

Ep26 - Liana Loporto Browne on why we don't hate men, and mum guilt

29th June 2021 - 32mins

Liana co-runs the wonderful Facebook page 'Women in Property' as well as her own estate agency business and being a parent.

Liana and I talk about her journey, why she set the facebook page up, the often misconstrued idea that women asking for equality doesn't mean we hate men and our own experiences.

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