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Ep25 - Lucy Noonan and Jason Bull on anonymous comments and trolling. It NEEDS to stop.

22nd June 2021 - 30mins

JWUW, SMILE PLEASE, CONKERS, DEVONLADY, TRUTHSPEAKS, PEEBEE.... etc etc These are just some of the anonymous names used in the comments section on property publications.

Anonymous comments and trolling need to stop and despite a big push on this on Facebook and LinkedIn, nothing has changed and we are bringing this to everyone's attention again.

Quiet simply - if you have something to say then put your name to it.

What are your thoughts and your experiences? Is it time we called out the publications that allow this? Is it time for change?

Ep24 - Angharad Trueman on Propertymark and how she intends to make it a place for change

18th June 2021 - 31mins

Angharad joined me today to talk about her application for Propertymark Vice President and why she should be your candidate of choice.

Angharad (or Harry as she is known) and I share many values including creating a more gender-balanced workforce and attracting new talent into our industry. She talks about whats shes passionate about, her agenda as VP and how she is already practicing what she preaches.

Take a listen to find out why she (and I) feel she should have your vote.

Ep23 - Allison Nevins on compliance, compliance, and compliance

15th June 2021 - 29mins

Allison Nevins on compliance, compliance, and compliance


Ep22 - Carla Burnett talks tech, being a grown up at work, working in the 'right' place and self discovery

8th June 2021 - 32mins

Carla joins me to talk about how we have embraced technology as an industry as well as how much she has 'grown-up' in the workplace.

How she has learned to take criticism, why being the loudest in the room is a defense mechanism, imposter syndrome, and her journey of self-discovery.

We touch on diversity, misogyny, social responsibility, and taking responsibility for your actions.

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