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Ep21 - Adrian Joyce on apprenticeships and how actually they are a fantastic option for estate agents to recruit new talent

1st June 2021 - 30mins

Adrian comes from an estate agency background and now works for an apprenticeship company including sourcing estate agents.

He talks me through how apprenticeships work, answers questions about how estate agents can benefit from new and fresh talent and how we can get the most from them.

I'm full of cold on this one so excuse the bunged-up voice!

Ep20 - Mark Pesci on working in the US property market vs the UK property market

25th May 2021 - 27mins 

Mark joins me to talk about what it's like to work in Canada, America, and the UK and how those markets differ. He has worked in all of them, qualified with a licence and talks about how they compare and what the U.K can learn from the other side of the Atlantic.

Ep19 - Georgina Patey on Women, you can have it all! Work, motherhood and work/life flexibility

18th May 2021 - 20mins

Georgina joins me to talk about her lack of opportunity in the industry following having babies and how the self-employed model was the best option for her.

She talks about the balance of juggling the cost of childcare and work, how part-time work in agency doesn't exist in a traditional agency and that now there is a way for women to have it all. We also touch on the preconceptions of 'return to work mums' and if it exists or just in our heads.

Ep18 - Natalie Baton on her 13 year old daughter's mental ill health including self harm and how they have coped over lockdown

14th May 2021 - 32mins

Natalie talks to me about how her 13-year-old daughter has been battling mental ill-health over the last 12 months since the lockdown was eased.

We talk about the triggers, the repercussions, stigma, fighting for acknowledgment of her autism as well as the long waiting list for help.

Natalie tells me about the help they have had from Young Minds charity and the work they are doing to help families going through difficulties.

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