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Ep17 - Rowan Waller on being the 'lyrical agent' and how showing your personality is good for business

11th May 2021 - 33mins

Rowan on being the 'lyrical agent' and showing your personality and why that's good for business.

Rowan talks to me about actually 'wanting' to be an estate agent, not falling into it. How he writes children's books and how he started performing his poems on Linkedin and the responses he has had.

Ep16 - Chris Mitty on coping with changes and stress and his tactics for coping following redundancy and separation

4th May 2021 - 30mins

Chris and I talk about how he has found ways to cope with change as he has been through huge changes in his professional and personal life. He has been made redundant for a position he has held for nearly 2 decades, split from a long-term relationship, all at the same time!

Ep15 - Jerry Lyons on industry hairstyles and community plans and involvement ideas for estate agents

27th April 2021 - 30mins

Jerry and I compare the best hair in the industry, how estate agents can get involved in their community and why it's good for business.

How can agents do more for their local people and what doing that can do to benefit the community and the business.

Jerry and I have a giggle on this one but it's a really good one for agents to take on board.

Ep14 - Andy Davis on how he was a partner at 21, MD at 25 and how losing his Dad prompted him to get fit

20th April 2021 - 23mins

Andy on how he became and estate agent at 17, was a partner in the company at 21, Managing Director at 25, juggling work and fatherhood for 4 children and how losing his Dad prompted him to get fit and start running.

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