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Ep13 - Ellie Rees on the gender pay gap (yes there is one!) and the future of women in agency

13th April 2021 - 30mins

Ellie talks to me about her research on the gender pay gap in agency, the future of women and their roles and why she things its time for REAL change.

She talks to me about how she breast fed on valuations and why she thinks the future of agency is boutique agents who really understand their market.

Ep12 - Tom Gilbert on the importance of hand holding through sales process

6th April 2021 - 25mins

Tom explains that many estate agents are too focussed on the 'deal' and 'making the sale' and often will drop the client at the point that its agreed to chase the next deal. But sadly this is probably why so many sales fall through and if agents had a better understanding of the sales market then more transactions would complete.

Ep11 - Jamie Downs on longevity in agency and why staying put is sometimes best

1st April 2021 - 24mins

Jamie comes on to talk about why he LOVES his job, how he has become a local agent that people come back to time and time again, and why he won't be leaving his job anytime soon.

This is a lighthearted chat with some football banter, a special mention to Rowan Waller and some super tonic tips!

Ep10 - Sam Offley on where to get help on 'healthy business and healthy mind'

31st March 2021 - 30mins

Sam from Agents Together comes on to talk to me about what Agents Together are all about. He explains about their non-profit organisation, how they have helped many mentees and mentors with both their personal issues and professional development.

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