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Ep41 - Mark Stern on how to provide the best service and collaborating to give better service in Estate Agency.

13th October 2021 - 30mins

Mark joins me to talk about how he is genuinely passionate about providing superb customer service in Estate Agency. We discuss how much better it would be for clients if everyone worked together rather than against each other.

Ep40 - Sarah-Jane Taylor on admitting needing help and top tips for new managers.

6th October 2021 - 30mins

SJ from Preston Baker joins me to talk about how it can often be easy to ignore what our bodies are telling us and feel invincible especially when we 'think' we can't any time off work.

She and I discuss how good managers know when to put the pressure on and when to pull back. She also gives me her top tips for new managers.

Ep39 - Ian Dobrin on how property recruitment has changed.

29th September 2021 - 30mins

Ian ran one of the first and largest property recruitment businesses in the UK and he joins me to talk about how things used to be and what he thinks have changed in the industry and the process.

We touch on how there are different models to chose from now and that for job seekers the opportunities are much greater.

Long gone are the newspaper adverts and a hot box!

Ep38 - Reagan Bradley on are we inadvertently causing stress with such low basic salaries?

22nd September 2021 - 33mins

Reagan joins me on the podcast to chat about the stresses and strains of working on a low basic and how despite employers offering mental health support, are they simply sticking a plaster over the real problem?

We talk about the future of estate agency and what we think employers can and should be doing more of to help their people.

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