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Ep37 - Chris Reile on switching from Estate Agency to PropTech

14th September 2021 - 26mins

Chris is an ex-letting director who has also worked in the supplier side in the field of proptech. Chris joins me to talk about how there are transferable skills and how best to find your way into the other side of the property business.

Ep36 - Clare Yates on sexual assault in estate agency

7th September 2021 - 29mins

In this podcast, Clare talks in detail about the sexual assault she was subjected to in her estate agency career, how she hid it from everyone including herself and why she wants everyone to look out for their team members to ensure this doesn't happen again.

We discuss the shocking statistics surrounding the topic and how we think things need to change.

This is a tough listen but an important one, especially for business owners and leaders.

Ep 35 - Roy Fever on being a business owner is lonely, lets help each other and do we really need a business plan? 

31st August 2021 - 37mins

Roy Fever joins me to share our experiences as business owners and how it can be really hard to be the person at the top, on your own.

We also talk about business plans and whether they are really needed or actually just setting ourselves up for disappointment and unrealistic KPIs.

We touch on lessons learned on covid too and how we are all grown-ups.

Ep34 - Jonathan Handford on Meeting the Bank of England, 'Good News Stories', over coming fears and lessons from Covid

24th August 2021 - 34mins

Jonathan Handford joins me to talk about his meeting the Bank of England where they discuss the various markets and the realisation that the housing market has been very lucky.

We talk about Jonathan's 'Good News Stories' from lockdown where we wore silly hats and pranced about, and how doing so has helped some of us over come fears and the lessons we have learned from covid.

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