Do I REALLY need to do a video interview? Can't we just talk?

Yes, this is your chance to shine…

We are still in a global pandemic; we are still supposed to be keeping 2 meters apart where possible and the estate agency market is booming so the chances are that both yours and the interviewer’s time is limited.

We have the perfect solution in the form of Solo Interviews!

Back in February we invested in some clever tech that allows job applicants to complete videos in their spare time at their convenience with questions specifically set by the client for the individual role.

This week we have had a number of clients who have really seen the value in these, not to mention the time it’s saved them interviewing. Statistically a client makes up their mind about a candidate after just 7 seconds and the same is true on video interviews.

The advantages of video interviews

· It's a time-saver for both candidate and employer compared to in-person interview

· Candidates or employers don't have to pay travel expenses

· Employed candidates don't have to take time off work to travel for the interview

· Interviews can be recorded to review again or play for colleagues

· Video interviewing provides the chance to assess body language which is not possible with phone interview and people to be heard in their own words.

Remember if you do have a video interview lined up you should….

Test run the tech

The tech we use for solo interviews is so user friendly, it’s just one click and you are in the interview, but make sure you use Google Chrome or it won’t work and make sure you have good internet.

Sometimes clients like to follow up with a Zoom chat using their own technology. Most of us have had at least 1 family quiz over the past 3 months over zoom. Realistically 90% of you will have it already downloaded on your PCs, ipads or phones. If you do not, make sure you have sat down at least the day before to go through the application and make sure it works with your device. Try it out with a friend or member of the family and get them to confirm you can hear and see you.

Make sure your camera is ON

These video interviews are done so the client can see you and have a virtual ‘face to face’ interview. So, it’s essential to make sure your camera is switched on! Our tech allows you to check your camera and microphone setting before the video commences so there should be any issues.

If you are following up with a client’s tech. often on zoom, make sure your camera is on. We have had a couple of instances recently were people haven’t turned them on and we have had a few disgruntled clients.

Be presentable

I know we may of all been sat around in pjs for the last couple of months but putting on a nice shirt and brushing your hair just for the interview could win you this job. Also, be sure to wear solid colours, as stripes and patterns can look awful on video.

As I mentioned, they will decide within 7 seconds so make sure you smile and showcase your personality.

Be on time

This isn’t an issue with our solo interviews as they can be done in your own time to suit, but if you are meeting a client for a video chat, you have no excuse. Turning up to an interview late is a NO NO anyway and yes sometimes you get stuck behind a tractor or it could be some reason completely out of your control, but you are at home and there isn’t really any excuse.

Practice or not?

For a solo interview we don’t want you to practice. We want it to real and off the cuff. This tech allows you to confirm you are happy with the interview before sending it so you can repeat it, but we wouldn’t recommend doing it more than twice or it sounds rehearsed.

If you are having a face to face chat with a client, bring up generic questions and practice an interview with a family member. Do your research on the history, structure, culture and running of the business. Use the space around you that your interviewer cannot see. Stick a Post-It Note with notes, questions, or inspiration directly to the screen or to the wall behind your camera.

Eliminate distractions

Close the door and windows in your room. Shut off the TV down the hall. Turn off any other device and make sure the only window open on your computer screen is the video platform you are using. The last thing you want is to lose your train of thought.

This is your chance to shine and showcase yourself, make the most of it.