Friday Blog - Introducing Jowan & Lucy...

We are thrilled that Jowan and Lucy joined Broomham Recruitment this week and we thought it might be nice to get a feel for them and their journey over the last few months.


From the beaches of Australia to the loft room in my girlfriend's house... that is how my last four months has panned out...

One year ago, I left my office job at Scott Fraser Estate Agents in Oxford to go and travel around the world for as long as I could.

After a couple of months in Asia and Indonesia, I’d had enough of drinking 20p beers all day, so we decided to go and settle down in Australia.

We ended up on the beaches of the Gold Coast, my girlfriend serving delicious coffee on the beach front whilst I found myself digging holes and building walls working in construction trying to survive in the ‘aussie’ heat, it was all worth it for the tan.. Whilst we based ourselves there, we took road trips all over Australia so that we could see more of the country.

Before long, January came around and the dreaded ‘C’ word started to hit the headlines. Just like that, restrictions started getting tighter and our work was coming to a halt.

A week later, a last-minute flight and a royal bending over by a certain airline which I shall not name, we safely landed back in London on the day before lockdown.

We went to my girlfriend’s parents’ house in Oxford and naively thought that it would be for a couple of weeks. I’m sat here, week number nine and itching for some normality again – aren’t we all!

In the meantime, there was another issue of coming home in the middle of a global pandemic, finding a job...

Fast forward a few weeks and I have just finished my first week at Broomham Recruitment.

I would like to thank Nicola and the team for the help and advice in getting me set up.

I can easily say that I’ve never worked with such a supportive group of people and I’m very excited for the future.


February 2020 I was actively looking for a new job and had applied to various online.

I got a call from Nicola early March for an interview and I knew from the minute I did some research on this company that I had a good feeling.

I went for an interview in their Eco offices and we sat and chatted about all sorts, and it felt RIGHT.

The next week came along and I had an anxious feeling in my stomach and funnily enough it happened to be Friday the 13TH! My boss then sat me down and I unfortunately got made redundant. I said my goodbyes and left, emotional to say the least –‘’its Friday the 13th, GREAT’’.

Got home, put the key in the front door, and I had call incoming from Broomham Recruitment. In my head I’m like, no way, this cannot be happening. Lucky for me, I got the job and the plan was to start mid-April. YOU COULD NOT WRITE THIS. I was so excited!

April came, and the news was blaring COVID-19 / PANDEMIC. I had kept in contact with Nicola prior to this and she was so honest about where they were as a business and the affect this could cause. So, the April start date had been pushed further back, which was completely out of our hands and now we didn’t know when I could start.

March 23rd–The country was then informed of Lockdown. I was overwhelmed. I was confused as to how I would cope and what I am going to do with all this free time.

Normally I am ALWAYS doing something from visiting friends, family, to practicing Yoga in my local Gym, going to festivals, concerts, camping, out for dinner. This could last months? Years? I was going through ups and downs but deep down I always thought ‘’I am not the only one going through this’’. There’re millions of people that have lost jobs and people who are ill with COVID-19 losing family members and friends. So, I must stay positive, which is the best way I was going to get through this. There is always light the other side.

Luckily for me, I’m pretty good at cooking and I get a buzz out of cooking tasty food for people. I decided to cook different meals each day and widen my cooking knowledge. I have an Instagram page dedicated to just my cooking!

I am also very into electronic music and I have always wanted to learn to DJ so my boyfriend bought me a little DJ Controller, so I have been teaching myself how to mix. I won’t say I am the best, but practice makes perfect.

2 Months I had now been off work and was so ready to start my new job!

The Government then bought out this new ‘get back to normal’ scheme beginning of May and announced that some businesses were going to be reopening and that estate agency, the industry that Broomham Recruitment recruit for had been confirmed as one of those businesses!

I received a call from Nicola mid-May to ask if I wanted to start Monday. Obviously, I said YES!

It's a pretty bizarre feeling, starting a new job from home. But I know I am not the only one and it’s not going to be forever. All I’m trying to say here is to stay positive and try get the best out of a weird situation.

It’s all worked out rather well for me and that’s because I have stayed honest with myself. I have used this time to fully restart my batteries and I am ready to be the best version of me I can be and grow with Broomham Recruitment.

Let’s do this!