LinkedIn isn’t the new Facebook – or is it?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

LinkedIn, it’s the workplace social media platform. A professional way to present yourself to prospective employers and teammates, whilst being able to show a hint of banter. It really is a unique networking platform for professionals but the way its being used is changing.

The usage of social media platforms are beginning to crossover. For example, we are seeing more and more snapchat filters starting to appear on LinkedIn profile pictures. Are these filters unprofessional or are they a great way to boost first impressions?

As recruiters, we’ve already seen you in bunny ears and pouting to the camera (if that’s your thing) on your other social media pages due to the nature of our job. We’re the modern-day Sherlock Holmes, except we don’t look for murderers but actively avoid them (but that’s a blog for another day) instead we need to understand exactly who you are and that means finding out everything we can about you. Don’t worry if you have nothing to hide, but even if you do, a snapchat filter isn’t going to mask the real you, in fact it may be doing more harm than good if you use it on the wrong social media platform.

As recruiters, our most important job is to get you to open up and make known your true self, goals, ambitions and what makes you YOU. Therefore, a personal touch to your LinkedIn profile could spark a conversation with employers. Personal information is so useful for getting to know YOU, for example Nicola doesn’t stop rabbiting on about being a ‘Trainee Gin expert’ when we all know it’s just an excuse to keep buying gin! But by including that little information on her LinkedIn profile, she creates so many avenues for discussion and this where we start to find out the real Nicola.

Time and time again we see the comments saying that ‘LinkedIn isn’t Facebook’ but we say it’s all about moderation. Lose the snapchat filters, add the odd extra-curricular achievement and show your work side and a little bit about the REAL you too.

So, where do we draw the line for the personal touch? I draw it at bunny ears, how about you?