Should I Stay or Should I Go

‘Should I stay, or should I go?’…… Like The Clash once said

You have found a new job. You have handed in your resignation. Your current employee is then fighting for you to stay and offering you more money. Should you stay or should you go?

Only 12% of employees resign due to money. So, the likelihood is, you’re looking elsewhere for other reasons that won’t go away with a higher salary. Why did you want to leave in the first place?

Over 50% of employees accept the counteroffer without thinking things through. You already know your current company in and out and the extra money doesn’t sound bad and it’s probably easier to ‘just stay’….?

However, 80% of employees that accept that offer in fact leave within 6 months and 90% within a year. They then realise the money isn’t actually enough to overcome those problems that made you want to look for a job in the first place. So they leave.

Reasons why you should not take the counteroffer…

· Nothing changes except your salary. The reasons you wanted to leave in the first place and people do not change overnight

· If your future employer is willing to take the risk to groom and grow your potential and future, why not seize the opportunity?

· You may feel familiar and comfortable with your current employer, but does it bring you the job satisfaction that you desire? Often, a change will bring growth and transformation

· If your employer is willing to adjust your salary when you “threaten” to resign, then your employer is knowingly underpaying you for your talent and efforts, which is an indication of non-appreciation of their employees

· Trust is likely be broken between you and your current employer

· People who accept a counteroffer often feel that they have been bought rather than rewarded for the work they have done

The list could go on.

You need to really think about why you were seeking that new job in the first place before making your decision.

Is it worth that extra cash in your back pocket staying where you are?

Likelihood is, you will leave shortly after anyway so take that risk and jump that ship.