The most important seven seconds

It takes just seven seconds for someone to form an opinion of you when they first meet you. Seven seconds, wow, that's scary. Even the So Solid Crew had 21 seconds here's a link if you're born post 1990).

Within that time, the other person has made assumptions based on your appearance, body language, demeanour, mannerisms and how you are dressed.

Once these first impressions are created, it's very hard for you to reverse these or change them, so it's incredibly important to make sure you are being perceived in the right way instantly. Hopefully, this post can help you do that.

What you wear needs to 'fit'

How you chose to present yourself to any prospective employer, by your choice of clothing and physical appearance, will go a long way in telling them if you are good fit for their team.

If you are interviewing for a traditional office role, such as estate agency, admin or property management you will be expected to be client facing at times; so whilst you may love nothing more than a grime festival or partying in the city with the girls, lets leave that for the weekends.

You should be in something conservative, classic, classy and that you feel comfortable in. Blue or black suit is always a good start for men and women with an ironed shirt or smart top underneath. Ladies avoid the low cut tops and short skirts, we're not at senior school anymore 'eh? Instead, go for smart shoes, not too much jewellery or make-up and subtle perfume.

For the chaps, it should be a tie, polished shoes, clean shaven or tidy beard, no jewellery and good personal hygiene. Even if the interviewer wears chinos and a blazer, unless you have been told otherwise, wear a suit for an interview. Tattoos, where possible, should be covered and piercings kept to a minimum.

Don't be late!

It is 2019, we get frustrated having to wait a split second for something to load on our mobile phones, imagine how annoyed your prospective employer will be if you are late! Instantly it gives a negative impression, shows disorganisation and unreliability.

Life happens, we miss the trains, there's an accident and traffic is awful or you can't find your keys anywhere. So make sure you leave with plenty of time to spare.

Get there 30 minutes early and find a coffee shop for a bottle of water or cup of tea (coffee breath is never a good thing) and run through your interview prep.

This way you are fully prepared and ready to walk through the prospective employer’s door five minutes before your appointment time.

Arriving slightly early will allow you to present yourself as poised, polished and prepared which will help you get off to a good start and ultimately make a positive first impression.

Those seven seconds...

Smile. Look them in the eye. Shake their hand with your whole hand not just the fingers (ladies I'm talking to you) firmly but not so hard that you want to break it (men I'm talking to you). Use open body language, so whatever you do, don't fold your arms!

Keep smiling, listen, stand tall and before you know it they have made their assumptions and the worst bit is over.

Good luck!!

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