What will life be like after lockdown?

Another week of lockdown has passed, and we are all waiting to hear the news that it is over. A question I have seen many people say, 'what will life be like after lockdown?'

What would you be doing right now if this pandemic wasn’t happening?

Sitting in the pub garden with all your pals drinking beers and laughing till the sunsets?

Arriving at work in a busy office drinking that morning coffee catching up with your work fam?

Lathering up the smallest amount sun lotion on an exotic beach somewhere overseas getting burnt then sitting out on the balcony eating crisps and playing cards?

All these things which seem so appealing right now were just the norm pre-Lockdown.

These were always luxuries, but no one thought twice about it. You could think that lockdown could be a message…

…never take things for granted.

The positives over the last 3 months:

· There had been an improved health & wellbeing of the general public which should be embraced when this is all over. Having more ‘Me’ time and going out for those daily walks to clear the mind

· Flexible working - Thousands of businesses have proven that working remotely from home, can work well

· Less travel = less CO2 emissions. People are saving money, travel time to and from work. The environment has thanked us in return, look at this beautiful weather we have had

· Change in how we use technology – using the internet at its best potential EVER – video call meetings/interviews – quizzes with family and friends…the list could go on….

I think meaning of ‘work’ has changed for many people. Realising, that we aren’t just working for money. Most people will have realised that their career is part of an identity, a purpose or a symbol of independence that may not have always been appreciated before this.

Life after lockdown will never be the same, but do we really want it to be the same?