Estate Agent Partner, Aylesbury

The company

Our client is an agency with a 30 year heritage across all aspects of property services, servicing the areas of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire and they are looking to take a very different approach to growing the business further in a way that allows everyone to share in the financial rewards based on individual contribution.

The role

This is a hugely exciting opportunity to be a key contributor of a full-service property business with a strategy for growth and a unique opportunity for the right individuals to share in the success of this venture.

This opportunity will afford the right individuals the ability to successfully build your own portfolio and drive your earnings whilst operating within an established business delivering real short- and long-term value to you. You can benefit from generating your own transactional fee income (sales) and recurring revenue (managed lettings) whilst uniquely having the opportunity to build an asset over time that is designed to deliver tangible cash value for you in the longer term. You can achieve this by being part of their estate agent program and benefitting from the support of their staff and other resources that will be provided to assist you in your journey to building your success. You can achieve all of this without the significant capital investment required to build an estate agency practice.

In their business they place great importance on knowing their numbers. They record, analyse, and measure their performance at both an individual and organisational level. At an individual level you need to know your numbers, because this then allows them to identify areas for improvement and bring in the coaching and training required to help you improve on those areas.

Earning potential

They have predicted in first year you will likely earn between £40,000 and £50,000 which will increase to £80,000 - £100,000

Transactional Income: you will earn a percentage of the sale commission on each property you sell, along with mortgage referrals and conveyancing referrals.

Recurring Revenue: you will earn a percentage of the management fee on properties you let. This will enable you to develop a recurring revenue stream to support your business.

Asset Value: the more properties you let and manage, the more recurring revenue you will generate, the longer you remain a partner the more valuable this asset will be. When you come to exit the business, we will calculate your recurring income as a multiple of up to two years and pay you the cash lump sum equivalent.

They want you to succeed and can provide you with some limited financial support. They can pay a £250 advance for each sale property you are instructed on. When you sell the property, this will be deducted from your commission split.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you to use your established talent and entrepreneurial skills to generate higher levels of income and greater satisfaction in your everyday activities related to estate agency then this could be the perfect role for you.